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Designer QR Codes

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I came by this article via an email sent from a linkedin group called Mobilists. So far in Australia QR codes and the use of them by brands is quite rare. The opposite is true for Japan and luxury retailer Louis Vuitton however.

Louis Vuitton QR code

Louis Vuitton QR code

Tokyo based creative agency SET specializes in unique marketing solutions that combine design and technology. SET was asked by Louis Vuitton to provide them with a creative QR code in line with a new animation created for them by renowned artist, Takashi Murakami.

Quick response codes are graphics used to hyperlink physical objects to Web content or multimedia and are often found on posters, billboards and magazines. QR codes are useful to marketers because they are relatively inexpensive to set up and the date, location and time of day is recorded when the codes are accessed .

As you can see from the previous post on QR codes, they are not so visually attractive in black and white.
Greg McMaster, creative planner at the agency SET says “The technology is there and the consumers are ready. It’s up to the brands to make them interesting enough to warrant a click”.

Boot B – the new Advertising Agency ?

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BootB - Unlimited Creativity
Boot B stands for "Be out of the Box" and invites anyone in the world to respond to the creative briefs of major organizations and be paid professional fees for their ideas.

Where’s the party?

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There has been a lot of negative talk surrounding the use of QR codes. Scanning a code requires a QR reader and not many mobiles have readers pre installed (yet) so apparently we should all give up.

Successful marketing relies on being memorable and getting the target market to ‘act’.
The UN Voices Project put together by Saatchi and Saatchi just won a Mobile Marketing Award for best consumer content offering. The advertisement uses mms and graphic recognition technology and instructs the viewer to a) Listen b) Take a picture with your mobile phone camera c) Send the picture to a number and d) Answer the call that follows. Just like mms , advertisements containing QR codes need to instruct the viewer. New technology can be used effectively and the UN Voices Project proves it can also be successful.

A campaign with clever use of QR codes and a compelling call to action will be memorable and prompt the target audience to ‘act’.
The Brand has everything to gain – publicity, consumer engagement and market share.
You can download a QR Reader from this link: